About Us

The future of work is self-employment and freelancing. Forcefield is supporting this growing group by making it easier than ever to incorporate, remain compliant, manage taxes, and run your business. We’re located in sunny San Diego and backed by the Launch Factory startup studio.

Meet the Team

Matt Rust


Matt is an attorney, Indiana native, and avid caramel cashew trail mix fan. He previously represented entrepreneurs and small businesses in corporate transactional matters in the Midwest. Matt was also in the inaugural class of the Institute for the Future of Law Practice where he helped develop legal technology applications with cross-disciplinary teams at Cisco. He received his J.D. degree from Indiana University Maurer School of Law and is barred in both Indiana and Kentucky.

Cortlins Headshot

Cortlin Sawyer


Cortlin is a web developer with experience in both front-end and back-end applications. He previously served as the Creative Director and application developer for Specialty Manufacturing of Indiana. Cortlin has experience in digital marketing through online content creation, SEO strategy, Pay-per-click ad campaigns, and WordPress website development. Cortlin holds a bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Southern Indiana.

Directors & Advisors

Brad Chisum headshot

Brad Chisum

  • Co-founder & Former CEO of Lumedyne Technologies (Acq. by Google)
  • Partner, Launch Factory
Bill Orabone headshot

Bill Orabone

  • Veteran of global business & serial entrepreneur
  • 4xs successful technology exits worth >$450M
James Hereford headshot

James Hereford

  • Former Chief of Staff for Tech Engineering division within Google Hardware
  • Partner, Launch Factory
Kim King headshot

Kim King

  • Former General Partner of IDG Ventures with >$120M managed & invested
  • Professor at both UCSD & SDSU
Andy Ballester headshot

Andy Ballester

  • Co-founder, former CTO of GoFundMe
  • Mentor with EvoNexus; Techstars Anywhere; Ad Astra