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How it works

Link & sync your accounts

Forcefield is compatible with nearly 200+ banks & credit cards. After you link your account, we automatically scan & identify your past business purchases for hidden write-offs and deductions. Safe, secure, & automated!

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Automatically find tax write-offs

Users save $1,487 on average in tax savings. Forcefield scans your spending so you maximize deductions and save cash every year.

Easy tax filing

Come tax time, we’ll have collected all the deductions & write-offs available to you so you can claim them easily. File your taxes with us, or export the write-offs for yourself!

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Help at all times

Have a tax, business, or legal question? We’re always here to help and will provide expert guidance on any issues you find!

What we offer

Find tax write-offs

Find common tax write-off in your business expesse to save you money each quarter.

Pay quarterly taxes

Send us your tax documents and we will make sure your quarterly taxes are filed properly.

Quarterly tax reminders

Receive personalized reminders when taxes are due, and other important tax dates to remember. 

File my taxes

base paired with other services like our tax write-off and quartly tax services. 

Trademark search

Is my name taken? Let us do the research and deliver you a comprehensive list.

Redline legal doc

Have one of our attorneys redline any legal document and highlight errors or unfavorable language. 

No-Brainer pricing

We like to keep things simple

Forcefield is $10/month flat

You get access to our automatic write-off detection; tax filing service; and unlimited support.

Zero Risk Guarantee

If Forcefield doesn’t detect & save you an extra $1,000 on your self-employment taxes, you get a 100% refund.

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